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                                                                                       Philantropist   –   Landscapist   –   Writer   –   Musician 

With Carlos at one of the annual ELC dinners held at Le Meridien St Julian’s.

With my four grandchildren Jacques Benji, Yann and Luca in Christmas 2012.

Daniela and I during a dinner party.

With Daniela and Carlos on the Hawaiian night to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in the Hilton Gardens.

On the day of my investiture with the Medal of the Republic of Malta. The year 2000.

                        On the same day with my wonderful family.

Myself in my room at college in the United States of America.

Simone and I on our Wedding Day the 31st August 1969.

With Simone during our courting days at our house in Valletta.

                                                                                     Simone and I on our Wedding Day the 31st August 1969.

At college in the UK with my convertible Austin Seven vintage car bought for 5 pounds sterling.

Graduation Day at Cal Poly University in California in 1967.

The Lyceum Boys Scouts toupe. I am far right next to my brother Narcy.

MY KOMR army pate2e2e2rol. I am fourth from right.

         Narcy and myself in army uniform.

My mother and father on their wedding day.

The young family. Dad, myself Narcy, Alfred and mum.

Myself at six years of age during my First Holy Communion.

                                                      My father John Calamatta.                                                         My mothere Angela ne’e Spiteri.

                                                                                  My grandparents from my maternal side. Felicite’ and Alfredo.